Project Usecase

System view of the project

Requirements US

  • REQ100: as a maintainer I want to be able to read web vm status in order to perform monitoring
  • REQ200: as a maintainer I want to save database in order to be able to restore it later
  • REQ300: as a maitainer I want to be able to backup apps in order to restore it faster
  • REQ400: as a maintainer I want to be sure my connection are not readable in order to improve security


tasks from REQ100

  • T100 connect playbook with azure vm

  • T110: install node_exporter on web vm

  • T111: install node_exporter on db vm

  • T112: install node_exporter on monitoring side / testing - optionnal

  • T120: test network between vm and between networks

  • T130: store ssh keys on vault cloud

tasks from REQ200

  • T200: perform database backup command
  • T210: perform database restore command

tasks from REQ300

  • T300: perform docker app backup to tar
  • T301: perform docker app restore from tar (runtime?)
  • T302: perform psql package/config backup/restore
  • T303: perform redis package/config backup/restore
  • T400: certbots the connections

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